In 1926, Paul Gallico, a former sports editor of the Daily News, suggested an amateur boxing tournament to the founder of the publication. As Gallico outlined his ideas, “The Golden Gloves” came to fruition. One year later, on March 28, 1927, the Golden Gloves championships were determined in an all new Madison Square Garden.

40 years later, the 1968 finals sold out producing a crowd of 19,848 fans cheering on as Davey Vasquez sealed the 118-pound open championship. As the tournament headed into a new millennium, it only gained momentum as Mark Breland and the 1984 Olympics renewed the romance of boxing and its fans.

As the next Olympic games approached, the Golden Gloves went through the some changes. One of the changes made required judges to score bouts using a computer. Another of the changes shortened each round by 1 minute and added a 4th round in all open-class bouts. These changes were approved by USA Boxing in accordance with the international rules that would be used in the 2002 Olympics. The Golden Gloves as we know it today has under gone additional changes as the sport has developed.

The Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation is proud to host a New York Golden Gloves amateur boxing show each year.  The proceeds from the event go directly to the foundation. This year, the 85th Annual Golden Gloves will take place on Tuesday, March 13th at Petrides School, 715 Ocean Terrace, Staten Island, NY.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m., first bout is at 8:00 p.m. The winners of the evening’s bouts will advance to the championships at Madison Square Garden.

The event, rich in boxing history, showcases some of the area’s rising stars in the sport of boxing. Before the first bell, there is a private cocktail party for VIP ticket holders including many of the Atlas Foundation’s celebrity supporters. In addition, there are raffles and prizes to raise funds for the Foundation. “Sugar” Ray Robinson, Jose Torres, Riddick Bowe, Floyd Patterson, Emile Griffith, Iran Barkley and Mark Breland are just a few of the boxing legends that have made the New York Golden Gloves one of the most prestigious amateur tournaments in the country. The night provides a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the young athletes who will go on to become Olympians and World Champions as well as help a cause that is so rooted in the sport of boxing.

The Atlas Foundation is honored to help those in need as well as keep children in New York City focused on a positive thing like boxing, get them moving and get them inspired. “Like” the Atlas Foundation on Facebook for more great events, updates on the boxing world and to donate to the foundation. You can also Follow us on Twitter to be a part of our conversation!